Under 11s

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Season 2016



 Date  Opposition   Home/Away   Result
 09/05/2016 Clitheroe   Away   Lost
A glorious early summer evening saw us play our first game of the season against Clitheroe.
Myles was our Captain tonight and after the toss, we were fielding first.  Clitheroe's first pair in, finished their spell have putting on 5 runs to their total. Myles and Finlay both took a wicket. Then their second pair put on 35. This was looking to be a good score! Ben took a wicket against, what were probably, their best batter's. Brandon made his first start for our U11's and although he went for a few runs, I am sure with some training he will improve. Next up to bowl were Jack and Edwin. Both bowled well and Edwin took a wicket. A few more wides than we would like but accuracy will come with training.

Our last bowler was Rufus in his first game and he tried his heart out. He came off with a smile on his face and so he should as he saved a certain 4 in his fielding. All told we fielded well and special mention must be made to Joe who had a brilliant night behind the stumps.  Clitheroe finished on 291. In my many years of junior cricket, I know a good score and this was one of them. We set off batting well and Rufus and Edwin put on 10 runs with the loss of just one wicket. Next in were Myles and Joe. Both lost a wicket, however Myles, who probably faced more balls than Joe, showed what a good batter he is, hitting 4 fours to all parts of the ground. Brandon and Jack were next in and faced 2 rather good bowlers.

Your day will come lads and with some batting in the nets we can certainly march on. Last in were Ben and Finlay. The two bowlers they faced were very good for their age and getting the ball off the square proved a tough ask for our lads.  All told we had a good game, particularly our fielding and lost to a better side.

We will not meet a team like this every week and with some good work in the nets and training on the field we will start to improve in the areas that need work. I will always post a man of the match and tonight it was Myles. He scored 19 and took a wicket. Well done Myles Tonight's champagne moment went to Joe who flung himself to the ground to stop what was a certain 4 byes. Thanks to Clitheroe CC for their hospitality and also to our parents for their help in transport. 
14/05/2016 Burnley   Away   Won
  A superb but cold morning saw our lads play at Turf Moor today.

Myles won the toss and elected to field. Burnley's opening pair were accomplished batters and put on 26. Finlay took a wicket and Charlie Casper bowled some great balls. I admire a young lad that tries to spin the ball at this age and he bowled a few beauties. Myles and Haris were the next pair to bowl. Myles was very economical and only went for 4 runs in his 2 overs. Haris went for 6 and had 2 wickets that were caught behind. Charlie Greenwood and Thomas were next to the attack. Charlie bowled a super line and length and took 2 wickets and also had a maiden over.

Thomas got a wicket but the little bit of wayward bowling can be sorted very quickly. Last pair to bowl were Ben and Edwin. The speed at which Ben does his overs is incredible. If everyone was like Ben we would have been home before lunch! Some good batting denied him a wicket though. Edwin took 2 wickets and a rather rash throw at the stumps cost him dear in the runs column. Burnley finished on 249, a creditable score.

Our turn to bat, Myles and Thomas opened. Myles had his fair share of the bowling and took advantage scoring 19 with 4 fours. Thomas also chipped in with a 4. A great start and this took us to 229. Next in were Charlie G and Edwin. Both played really good cricket and Edwin was unlucky to be bowled by a good delivery. Charlie played two lovely shots to get a couple of 4's. Finlay and Haris were next up and with us only 7 runs behind, the order was to keep your wickets lads. They did not disappoint and lost no wickets for the 3rd pair. Finlay added 14 to our score and Haris blocked every ball. Great cricket from these lads.Last in were Charlie Casper and Ben. Now we know these lads can bat and a 'rush of blood' was the last thing we needed with the game in our hands. Both lost a wicket against some good bowling but both hit some lovely shots and Ben ended up with 18, including four massive 4's and Charlie played some of the finest off drive shots at this age to finish on 13.

Final total was 283 and a good win for Rawtenstall.

Man of the match today was a tough one as all the team played their part but it has to be Charlie Casper who took 5 catches behind the stumps and scored 13.

 Champagne moment was Finlay who stopped a ball going like a rocket for a certain 4. Well done lads in our first league game.

Thanks to Lawrie and Burnley CC for a great strip to play on and also to our parents for your help.
23/05/2016 Enfield   Away   Won
A bitterly cold night at Dill Hall Lane tonight.

Charlie Casper was captain tonight and won the toss.

 He elected to bat.Myles and Jake were first in. Myles batted well and scored 23 but played across the line on a couple to lose his wicket. Jake scored a couple but did not face too many balls. Charlie Casper and Ben were in next and scored 17 and 8 respectively and didn't loose a wicket. Finlay and Haris next to the crease.
Finlay looked in good touch but did face some great bowling and lost 2 wickets. Haris does what Haris does best. He doesn't score but he doesn't loose any wickets. Very sensible cricket. Last in were Charlie Greenwood and Joe. Both looked comfortable and Joe scored freely to end on 9.
 Final score for us was a very respectable 258.
We took 3 wickets tonight, Finlay, Myles and Charlie Casper. Ben had a maiden over at the death which was very welcome.
Jake, Haris and Charlie G all were economical. Our fielding was superb tonight and with the exception of an overthrow, I had no cause for complaint. Enfield finished on 235

. Another good win for this group of lads. 

 Man of the match tonight was Joe who kept wicket superbly well and saved us many runs and did not let one run be added to their score with a bye. Brilliant Joe.

Champagne moment was a piece of fielding by Ben. Great stop, quick throw in at a perfect height to the keeper. Good cricket.
 Thanks to Blake for helping me run the game,

 Tony and the lads at Enfield for a great strip and as always our parents.
09/06/16 Lowerhouse   Home   Tied
  Finlay was the captain tonight and won the toss.
He elected to bat. We struggled with the batting tonight. Top scorers were Finlay with 15, Ben with 9 and Myles with 8. We lost 6 wickets tonight which is 36 runs in our format. Far too many to make us competitive.

We finished on 220 thanks to a spirited last partnership from Ben and Finlay to put on 27. Defending this total was always going to be tough. What a bowling and fielding side we are!!! We had 3 maidens and a wicket maiden from Myles, Finlay, Haris and Ben respectively. Charlie G only went for 4 runs in his 2 overs, Edwin took a wicket and went for 4 runs, Brandon also went for 4 runs and Haris 6 runs. 
With Lowerhouse on 219 with one over left, they needed 2 runs to win. Step up Finlay. First 5 were dot balls. Last ball 2 to win. They were always going to run and so they did. Final score 220 and a tied game.
We were superb in the second part of the game. Well done lads. Man of the match tonight is Finlay Testa.
Top scored and kept his cool in a tough situation at the end. Champagne moment was Ben Roscoe and Joe Donnelly for their fielding and keeping, both had wonderful moments.
Many thanks to Pete Haworth for umpiring and some great field placing,
 parents for your support,
 Ellis for cutting us a strip and David and the lads and lass from Lowerhouse for providing us with a nail biter.
                 Played 4 won 3, tied 1.

Keep up the good work chaps.
23/06/16 Haslingden   Away   Won
  Our captain tonight was Joe. He lost the toss and we were put in to bat. It has to be said that this was not our finest hour. We lost 7 wickets which amounts to 42 runs. Myles and Finlay got us off to a decent start and we were 221 after their 4 overs. A shaky mid order saw us pegged back to 206 with our last pair of Haris and Ben coming to the crease. I said to the lads that boundaries at this stage would be welcome. Ben did not disappoint and scored 24 and well backed by Haris. A couple of 6's tonight from Charlie Casper and Ben. We finished on 236.
Was this going to be enough?

 Damn right it was........

I have always loved good fielding and bowling and tonight we excelled in both departments. Finlay bowled 3 overs, 1 wicket for 6 runs including a last over maiden, superb Finlay. You have to admire a young man that bowls leg spin and Charlie Casper turns the ball so well, 3 overs, 1 maiden, 1 wicket for 7 runs, awesome. Charlie Greenwood, 2 overs for 7 runs. How did Charlie not get a wicket is beyond me! Robbie, 2 overs, 1 wicket for 2 runs, Robbie's first game and he did really well. Ben bowled both his overs from my end and missed the wicket by fractions on 3 occasions, so unlucky not to get a wicket. Haris 2 overs, 2 wickets for 7 runs. Haris is becoming a very accomplished bowler. Myles once again proved what a promising cricketer he is developing into, 2 great overs and he is probably a bit miffed not to get a wicket. There is on person on our fielding side I have not mentioned and that is Joe. Joe saves us 20 runs an innings with his keeping and if I had any idea about the mysterious art of keeping I would love to help but this is not my forte. (I will make some enquiries and get some skills training for Joe) He took a brilliant catch and combined with Ben for a run out. Man of the match tonight was Ben. A brilliant knock, took a catch and got a run out. Well done Ben. I could have picked a few of the lads tonight for their contributions and it's always a tough call. The champagne moment goes to Ben and Joe for their run out.

The throw in from Ben was at the top of the stumps and Joe finished it off superbly.  Thanks to Andy and Haslingden for a good game. Thanks to Ellis for a great strip to play on, parents for your support. It really is a pleasure to manage this team. I have no behaviour problems and the lads are bonding as a team and encouraging each other. We really need more batting practice and hopefully this will come in the nets over the next few weeks. We still have many games to play and those lads that have reached a certain standard will also play.  Another good night for the U11s. Keep it up lads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Played 5 won 4, tied 1.  
30/06/16 Enfield   Home   Won
  A murky night and thankfully the threatened rain did not materialise or at least not too much!

We lost the toss and had a bat. Myles and Finlay put on 26 for the first pair. Myles (20). Haris and Jack added anther one to the score. Joe and Jake added another 2. Charlie Casper then put on 15 for the last effort.

A good score of 244 but again we lost 3 wickets. Could be costly. Enfield batted really well. Not scoring many runs but not losing wickets. They had only one run out. Jack had hurt his shoulder so he was excused bowling tonight. The lads all bowled well but with the ball being so wet it was proving difficult to control the bowling.

Having said that we only bowled 4 extras. Enfield ended up needing 3 off the last ball to win. They scored a single. 
Another Rawtenstall win. Well done lads. If ever we get back to training then we will be so much better in certain areas. 
Man of the match tonight was Myles. Top scored with 20 and had a maiden over.
The champagne moment was another run out. How I love run outs!!! Finlay this time whipped the ball in to Joe who took the bails off. 

A short report tonight but the 'gaffer' is mega hungry.

Once again my thanks, firstly to Enfield for a really close game, parents for the help, Ellis for the wicket and Pete for umpiring and running the game on the field. Last but not least thanks to Nigel Birch for posting my reports and letting those that could not watch the game get a glimpse of what happened.
  Played 6 won 5, tied 1.  
14/07/2016 East Lancs Away Lost
  Joe was captain tonight and having won the toss elected to bat.
 We did not have our finest hour with the bat and lost 10 wickets. This equates to 60 runs and we finished on 199. Charlie top scored with 20. we suffered 4 run outs which were avoidable.

At the change over we were staring down a barrel. As always we bowled and fielded really well. Daniel on debut bowled well and only went for 3 runs. Charlie G unfortunately faced their best batter but stuck to his task and kept a good line and length. Thomas was economical and only went for 4. Ben, unusually didn't take a wicket but missed by fractions. on another night he would have had 3 wickets. Finlay took 2 wickets and is proving to be a really quick young bowler. Haris took a wicket with his last ball. Charlie C bowled 3 overs and took 3 wickets. He went for a few runs in his last over.

The Lancashire League and Rawtenstall CC's leading wicket taker Keith Roscoe was there tonight and kindly offered some advice from one spinner to another. I was really proud of Charlie in sticking to his task. Joe as always was a wall behind the stumps.  There are times when you have your backs to the wall that one learns about a group of players and tonight was one of them. The lads kept up the encouragement and I could not have asked for more.

All in all a great performance in the field and we took 7 wickets. East Lancs finished on 228. Our first loss in the league but one that may well put us in good frame of mind for the next games when we realise that silly run outs do not help our cause. 

Tonight's man of the match was Charlie Casper, top scorer and wicket taker, he also smacked down the stumps for a run out when fielding at mid off. Well done Charlie. 

 The champagne moment goes to Haris Khan. He almost caught a ball that was going like a bullet. It's easy at this age, or in my case any age, to gib at a rocket ball. Haris did not and has a sore hand as proof. 

Thanks to East Lancs for producing a strip in testing weather times. Thanks to parents for their help again with transport. We have Euxton at home next week and I fully expect us to bounce back to our normal way of playing this fantastic game.
  Played 7 won 5, tied 1. Lost 1  
24/07/2016 Euxton Away Lost  
  A super start to the day as the Euxton parents had put on a BBQ. Very tasty sausages and a nice brew to boot. 

 I can't elaborate on this. We had a second best day and I think it's best to leave it at that. Hopefully the rain will will cease for our training and we can get back to playing cricket as it should be played. Rawtenstall U11s lost today. I have no problem with that but we did not do the things that we have trained for when fielding. Onwards and upwards. New start the week after next chaps...
                     Played 8 won 5, tied 1. Lost 2    
19/08/2016 Lowerhouse   Away Lost  
  At last  brilliant summer evening at Lowerhouse CC.

Due to holidays for the stronger players it gave our younger lads a chance to shine. Ben was captain tonight and lost the toss and Lowerhouse batted first. They had some more experienced players in their team tonight,

which was much different to the team we played a a few weeks ago. They batted really well and finished on 310. A really good score. We only took one wicket and that was a 'top of off stump' beauty from Finlay.  Our turn to bat. The lads played so well, given some of the limited experience, against a very good team and I was very proud that we finished on 230. These lads that stepped up tonight should be very proud of what they achieved tonight. Yes we lost but the fielding was good and the attitude was always positive.  Ben top scored with 25, including 2 sixes and won the man of the match. Finlay took the champagne moment with a ball that would have got out most players and counted for our wicket.

Well done tonight Ben, Finlay, Joe, Daniel, Rufus, Edwin, Jake and Jack.
You have one proud manager given the fact we have hardly had any training!!!!!
  Played 9 won 5, tied 1. Lost 3  
30/08/2016 Darwen   Away    
  If anyone has seen a spare wheel, roughly about the end of June, in Rawtenstall,

 then it belongs to our U11s. As this was the time the wheel fell off our season! Having had a brilliant start we have had a bit of a mare when it comes to batting. This can be down to the totally rubbish summer as regards training.
An early start at Darwen just about got the game in before it started to go dark. We batted first and lost 12 wickets. That is 72 runs and a situation we could never hope to recover from. Myles was the leading scorer on 11 having lost no wickets. The Darwen bowling was good tonight and if you bowl line and length at this age you will get wickets. We finished tonight on a sub par score of 193. We started our quest with a determination and the lads did some great fielding and bowling. This was enough to win any game but with no score to protect the wall was full of writing. Ben took 2 wickets. Fin was so close to taking at least 2 wickets but finished with none. Haris had 2 overs and went for 1 for 1. Charlie G only went for 3 runs in his 2 overs and is becoming a reliable and economical bowler. Myles took 2 wickets and one of them was a caught and bowled. Edwin took a wicket and had 2 good overs. Thomas had 2 overs and was unlucky to face some of Darwen's best batters. All told, apart from some poor decisions, batting wise, I was pleased with the lads tonight.

 We play Darwen again on Thursday and with some careful batting we can win this game.

Thanks to Pete Haworth for his help, yet again, parents for your support and Darwen for a great strip to play on. Also thanks to our Internet site Guru Nigel for coming to support our lads.

 Man of the match is Myles, top scored and 2 wickets. Well done pal. As for the champagne moment it has to be Finlay throwing into Ben for a run out. Sharp and quick. As you may have guessed fielding is my passion as it can win games and this was top drawer. Last training session on Friday.

I can't help feeling this has been a wasted season due to the weather and we could have done so much more.